Saturday, June 6, 2020

PROMOTION SPECIAL: for the 5th Grade of Rock View ES

It's time to say goodbye to the 5th graders from my school, many of whom I've known for their whole [school] lives.  What an impact you've made on Rock View!  You will be missed...

Farewell to NathanAngelRoselyn, Joseph, Erick, 
Angelina, Watal, Kayla, James and Angela, 
members of the great 2nd grade of 2016-17!!

members of the fabulous kindergarten of 2014-15!!

Farewell to Christian V,  Kian, Cesar, Olivia and Erika, 
who were in our short-lived Community Circle!

Farewell to David, Evelyn and Jose Luis, 
big siblings of students whom I came to know!

Farewell to Julian, Genesis, Kaylah, and Prince,
members of the Early Bird Garden Club!

Farewell to Fernanda, Sophia, Nana and Levi, 
who volunteered dependably in PreK as patrols!

and for all your friends I haven't named, who are important because they're your friends!

The Time We've Had

It's hard to say goodbye
      when you haven't said hello 
for weeks and weeks--not really.

I squeeze my own self tight
      and throw a hug through screens--
I mean it, but it feels kind of silly...

Kind of silly, kind of sad,
     but this IS the year we've had, 
and now it's ending--this is it.

And here's the thing I've learned
from twelve weeks of online learning--

        if you need me, I am here
        if I miss you, you are there
and the time that we have shared
has marked our hearts with burning--
                                     just a bit.

I hope you carry all your great Rock View experiences forward into your growing up. 
💙 💛 Farewell! 💛💙

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